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What is a cookie?

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You can refuse the installation of these cookies by selecting the appropriate configuration in the settings or options of your browser:


For Mozilla Firefox

1.Click on Tools-Options or Preferences
2.Select the Privacy and Security tab
3.Locate the “Cookies and site data” menu and select the options that suit you

For Internet Explorer

1.Open the Tools-Internet Options menu
2.Choose the Privacy tab
3.Click on Advanced….
4.Select or clear the Ignore automatic cookie management check box
5.Select or clear the Accept for Internal Cookies and Third Party Cookies checkboxes
6.Select or clear the Always allow session cookies check box.

For Safari

1.Open the Preferences menu
2.Click on the Privacy tab
3.Select or deselect the “Block all cookies” checkbox

For Opera

1.Choose the “File – Preferences” menu
2.Privacy policy