Alpexpo Case: Claus Habfast, assisted by Rémi Sermier, cleared by the Court of Accounts

The Dauphiné Libéré newspaper has reported on the decision handed down on Thursday, 11 May, by the French Court of Accounts (Cour des Comptes) in the Alpexpo Case.

Following an audit of Alpexpo, a company that runs the exhibition center of Grenoble (France), by the Regional Audit Chamber, several of its directors were prosecuted before the Court of Accounts for alleged mismanagement in several matters. In particular, they were accused of failing to comply with public procurement rules. In its decision, the Court of Accounts cleared Mr. Claus Habfast, a former Chairman and CEO of Alpexpo and currently a city councilor of Grenoble.

Mr. Claus Habfast was defended by Rémi Sermier, a partner with Pamina Avocats.