Dual till on French airports: Rémi Sermier advises SCARA before the Conseil d'Etat

SCARA, an independent airlines association, has asked Rémi Sermier, a partner with Pamina Avocats, to file an action before the Conseil d’État, the French supreme court for administrative matters, against the decree of 3 Octobre 2019 that gave the minister in charge of transportation issues the power to decide, unilaterally and with no prior consultation, that a dual till system (i.e. the separation of the financial flows linked with aerial and commercial activities, respectively) will be implemented on an airport. Up to then, the change from a single till to a dual till had to be approved by the Autorité de Supervision Indépendante (an independent regulation authority). For SCARA, this decree has been issued following an invalid procedure and is in breach of European law. Details are available on the press release issued by SCARA.